raymaker land management


We offer a select number of choice rentals in Second Life.

All our land and water parcels are operated against a carbon-offset scheme.  We are one of the first land operators in Second Life to do so.

We have a small gallery at Durango, from where you can learn more about the rental opportunities we offer.

There is also a vendor at the gallery, which enables you to teleport to any rental plot, or just pay the vendor directly to initiate your rental.

Please feel free to download the brochure, and send an IM in-world with your land queries and needs.  Even if I am unable to fulfill them personally, I will try my best to match you with someone who can.


welcome to raymaker land management

Raymaker Land Management is owned and operated by Veritas Raymaker.  Veritas is a member of the Honorable Land Dealers Association.

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