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Thank you very much for stopping by my 'about' page :-)

I am presently a Senior Research Scientist at the Office of Education Research (OER), of the National Institute of Education (NIE) / Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

i sit on the Editorial Board of the Gold Open Access journal 'Computers and Education Open', which is the Open Access companion publication to Elsevier's 'Computers and Education'.

i was a member of UNESCO's Symposia on the Future of Education for Sustainable Development, 2016 - 2017, and was identified by the organisation in 2023 to a six-member expert panel at 'Empowering Minds: A Round Table on Generative AI and Education in Asia-Pacific', organized by the UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Bangkok (UNESCO Bangkok), in collaboration with The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO).

In September 2023, my team was identified to share our work on the affordances of Generative AI for meaningful teaching and learning, during UNESCO’s first annual flagship event Digital Learning Week, international forum on the implications of Generative AI for education, session on ‘Preparing students and teachers for responsible use of AI’; and to facilitate a workshop on Learning at the intersection of AI, physiology, EEG, our environment and well-being (the Life2Well Project) as part of their ESD-Net 2030 series.

In September 2023, I was invited by the World Bank to participate in the Members' Day of the mEducation Alliance, in discussions on the sustainable use of culturally appropriate technologies in low-resource contexts of learning.

My work at the OER and at the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice NIE involves researching the intersection of neuroergonomics, maker culture and data science. Its origin was actually in my interest in the potential of computer games and other forms of Interactive & Digital Media in education. Since 2006, this field has been identified by Singapore's National Research Foundation as an area for focussed attention and development.

Specifically, i conceptualized the Six Learnings framework for curricular design in fictive worlds and virtual environments, together with its associated learning theory around Disciplinary Intuitions. The Six Learnings is offered as a course on iTunesU, and as an iBook at the iBookstore.

My team and i developed a response to COVID-19, titled the Socially Responsible Behaviour through Embodied Thinking (SORBET) Project. SORBET was featured at the Project Showcase of the conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network in June 2020.

i was the Lead Guest Editor of a Special Section (Vol 51 No 3) of the British Journal of Educational Technology themed on 'Beyond observation and interaction: Augmented Reality through the lens of constructivism and constructionism', published in April 2020.

i was the Lead Editor of Vol 11 No 3 and Vol 12 No 1 of the Journal of Virtual Worlds Research (JVWR), themed on 'Pedagogy: a ten-year retrospective', and am currently a Guest Editor for a 2019 Special Issue of the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education, themed on 'Maker-centered Science and Mathematics Education: Learning, Teaching and Environment Design'. In the former, my team and I published our work on the affordances for learning of Augmented Reality, detailing a pedagogical approach we have termed Learner-Generated Augmentation.

I was a Guest Editor of Vol 2 No 1 of the JVWR, themed on 'Pedagogy, Education and Innovation in Virtual Worlds'. In that issue, i introduced the Six Learnings framework for the design of learning environments in fictive worlds and virtual environments.

I also teach geography and social studies at the NIE. My students include those studying for a Diploma-in-Education, Post-graduate Diploma-in-Education, as well as in-service teachers who are pursuing a Masters degree.

Before I came to work at the NIE, I worked in a variety of education settings, from a military school, to an independent school, to a neighbourhood school, and junior colleges. I also spent three years at the Curriculum Planning & Development Division of Singapore's Ministry of Education, where I developed the thinking skills package for geography.

I was elected to the Chair of the Geography Teachers' Association of Singapore in 2003, and was re-elected twice.

Between 1995 and 1998, i authored and maintained 'No Place Like Home: a cyberbook on the geography of Singapore'. In 2006, this site was selected for inclusion in the National Library Board's 'Web Archive Singapore', on the grounds of its national and historical significance in shaping national identity.

I spent three years' at Cambridge, England, studying for my first degree - in geography. My Masters is from Harvard and is in Education Technology. My doctoral research was in adolescent semiotics and spatial discourse, and was undertaken at the NTU. Basically, i started this blog - voyeurism - as a way of documenting the journey of my research in this field. The thesis can be ordered from

In March 2009, voyeurism was rated by the editors of as among the top 5% of blogs in the 'higher education' category.

In March 2010, voyeurism was featured in the BBC's Blogworld - Best International Blogs.

voyeurism was also among twelve blogs shortlisted for 'Best use of a Virtual World' in the Edublog Awards 2010.

Associated with the blog voyeurism are my podcast ventriloquy, and the wiki voxpopuli. The former is Singapore's first education-themed podcast, and was also the first podcast in Singapore to incorporate video episodes.

From September 2006 to February 2007, ventriloquy was a featured podcast at the iTunes Store. in fact, it was the only Singaporean podcast to feature in the Store's 'education' category, which listed more than 6400 podcasts as of October 2006.

As for voxpopuli, it is a wiki structured around my doctoral dissertation.

i hope you have found your stay in my little nook of cyberspace worth your while. i'm listed in Who's Who in the World 2008, and i'm contactable at voyager (at) mac (dot) com; or visit me in Second Life, as Veritas Raymaker, where i have designed and built Temasek, where visitors can learn about the culture, history and ecology of Singapore. Temasek was one of only five estates across the entire Second Life grid that was chosen as host venues for the inaugural Orange Fashion Photo Contest in August 2008, organised jointly by Orange Island and Prim Perfect magazine.

In fact, the Grand Prix photograph from the Contest, was taken at Temasek.

i have also built the Raymaker Field Studies Centre at Bowness, and St Michel - the Jules Verne Museum.

The latter was the first Verne tribute museum in Second Life, and was featured in the March 2008 issue of Deja Vu International magazine, as well as in May 2010 in the Second Life Destination Guide.

As for the Raymaker Field Studies Centre at Bowness, it opened in August 2011; its predecessor was among the top ten featured destinations in the 'learning' category in the Linden Lab Showcase in November / December 2009.

I also run a small rental business in Second Life - Raymaker Land Management. I am a member of the Honorable Land Dealers Association, and would be happy to help you with your land needs :-)